Идеи, технологии и инновации

Сообщество энергичных и целеустремленных людей, ни дня не проживающих без рождения новых идей. Здесь мы обсуждаем то, как люди и технологии делают миллионы и миллиарды, делимся тайнами и секретами технологического бизнеса.

fantastic video with Matt - WordPress founder

30.05.09, 02:31
Автор Nicolai Mitushin


1. how do you scale in terms of revenue? – do commercial things and wordpress.com – we created a good model where 99% of people dont pay and will never have to ;) but a small percentage that do pay – they support the whole service

2. what is the staff size of wordpress? – 35 in Automattic, 50 volunteers

3. where do you see wordpress in 5 years from now? – we will mature as a platform, microblogging, forums, videos, audio, beeing a best tool

4. how do you manage to offer so much for free consifering there are high costs involved in maintaining it?? – it actually doesn’t cost that much, as you think of it =)))) from a pure business point of view – 1% pay you, when you increase the number of users, that 1% gets larger as well. so we focus on 99% percents and make them happy and then do our best to serve that 1% ))))

5. do you feel that WP is a tool in providing jobs and business opportunities to many at large? – across the world there are thousands of people, may be tens of thousands of people who derive their living from developing on our platform.

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